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Delays for dummies was created by Tom66
Hi all,
I am trying to learn the basics of delay setting, with regards to horn length, phase, delay etc.
We have a small dub reggae sound (1 stack) consisting of Hog Scoops, HD15 kicks and fairly basic mids/top/tweeters, using a Behringer DCX2496 DSP.
I am trying to find specific info on how to set up the delays for each channel, and tbh I'm struggling! All the calculators seem to apply to multiple stack PA systems in large venues, when we only run a 2 scoop stack in small to medium bar type venues.
Basically I am unsure where to start with it all and would love a point in the right direction.
- I'm guessing on my DSP, only 'short delay' will be applicable?
- Can I just delay my tops and tweeters, given the subs are a relatively long horn path? (~2.5m for hogs?) Is there a good starting point to experiment?
- How does phase come into it?
- How do my kicks come into all this?
- Is all this even needed in small/medium venues?

A 'Delay for Dummies' guide that applies to basic amateur-run single stack setups would be really helpful I think, googling often reveals an overwhelming minefield!

Sorry for the long-windedness, I'm doing my research but a forum with many knowledgeable people in the know is also often a great place to learn from others.
Thanks in advance for any pointers!

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